New Challanges for May Teen Mastermind

Teens working together to conquer challengesFor everyone joining us for our first Teen Mastermind Challenge on Saturday, May 3rd we wanted to share some of the fun challenges we will be working on.

We usually break up into two teams and each team works together to solve each challenge within a certain amount of time. Each challenge has a different time limit and challenge level.  As the teams get to know each members strengths and weaknesses and start working together better and better, then the level of the challenges will start to increase!

Teen Team ChallengesOur first group of challenges we are focusing on this month include:

  • Superlative Game
  • Word Tag
  • Sardines
  • Human Knot
  • Human Sculptures
  • Boop
  • Parachute Demolition
  • Five Second Blue Print
  • Highest Tower
  • Fears in a Hat
  • Team Shields
  • Catapult Defense

We have hidden each of these challenges in different types of boxes that will be placed in the room where the teams will be working. Each team will have a chance to select a box. Then both teams will be faced with the challenge hidden within!

We look forward to a very fun and challenging day! If you haven’t already reserved your seat, please do so today as space is limited.

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