Teen Mastermind Students Built Castles and Forts in February 2015

February 2015 Teen MastermindEvery month at Teen Mastermind we focus on new challenges using different skills and knowledge.  In February we learned how to build fortifying castles with random supplies brought by each student.

The students were put into 2 teams and each team pulled from the supplies each team member brought with them. Some brought sheets, sticks, blinds, duct tape, string, cardboard boxes and other random items.

The goal was to have a fully enclosed structure without a set number of walls. The structure did not have to have a roof, it could be attached to a living plant, and it could only be made up from items them brought and items found in the yard not currently alive.

The teens also enjoyed a fun baking challenge of making caramel popcorn balls. We learned that we needed to make a double batch of the caramel sauce for next time.

We will not have a Teen Mastermind in March 2015. See you in April!!!

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