About Teen Mastermind

September Teen Mastermind group in Wake County A free group for teens to learn leadership and teamwork skills by critical thinking and problem solving.

Teens participate in individual and group games, building projects, cooking challenges, and other fun activities that give them an opportunity to think outside of the box, use their imaginations and make friends.

Our monthly mastermind events are for teens throughout Wake County and Harnett County and are located at a local historical landmark in Fuquay-Varina, the Ballentine-Spence House.

We have three levels of Challenges:

  • September Teen Mastermind group in Wake CountyInstant Challenges: these are generally solved or completed by pairs of teens working together for 2-10 minutes. There require fast response times, understanding your partners weaknesses and strengths, and giving everything you have to the solution.
  • Master Challenges: these are worked on by your entire team. These challenges can take from 10-25 minutes to complete. These require everyone on the team working together, listening and communicating effectively.
  • Super Challenge: We usually only have one of these per meeting. The Super Challenge will need everyone on each team working together from 20 minutes up to 1 1/2 hours. These require great cunning, skills, and team work.

We usually break up into two teams and each team works together to solve each challenge within a certain amount of time. Each challenge has a different time limit and challenge level.  As the teams get to know each members strengths and weaknesses and start working together better and better, then the level of the challenges will start to increase!

About Anna Campbell:

September Teen Mastermind group in Wake CountyAnna Campbell has actively taught principles of art and critical thinking within the public school system, non-profit organizations such as Destination Imagination, PTA (Parent, Teacher Association), PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association), and privately with small groups of students ranging from elementary level through high school.

Anna believes that every student has a brilliant mind and their full potential is just waiting to be discovered.


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